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Monday, November 21, 2005

More Referral Log Updates

I'm still waiting for another contact from "Jake the Dog" who has confessed to being my visitor from Knob Noster, Missouri. I've figured out on my own that Knob Noster is the home of Whiteman Air Force Base. Jake mentioned the initals LSET, which I'm pretty certain stands for Logistics Standardization Evaluation Team, so Jake probably has some connection with the 509 Logistics Readiness Squadron. If Jake is an LSET team member, then he's an inspector and evaluator, ensuring that the Log Readiness Squadron remains in full readiness.

But he's not left any further contact info or contacted me yet, so except for what I've surmised, he remains a mystery. So, I'll have to identify another stalker visitor to coax out into the bright lights. I'll be looking for a good candidate.

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